Stable Manage is an online app for managing equestrian yards built by a company based on the beautiful east coast of Ireland.

The goal of Stable Manage is to make it really easy to create the daily lists that all equestrian yards rely on, to allow you to focus on your horses’ health and management, and to save money in the process.

Stable Manage enables you to create and manage your schedule, take bookings, track horse activities, engage with your owners and clients, generate reports and much more.

Who is Stable Manage for?

Stable Manage is for many types of equine owners and businesses, and we’re interested in talking to as many as possible. For more detail, please check out this post: Who is Stable Manage for?


Learn about the core features of Stable Manage here: What does Stable Manage do for my yard and what are the main features?


Please visit our Documentation section and look through the Blog posts for more information about Stable Manage, and how to use Stable Manage to save time and money for your yard!